The Crown Victoria has been the go-to police car for ages. That’s all changing as the Arkadelphia, AR police department recently added ten Camry Hybrid models to its fleet. For the naysayers out there, the new additions actually helped improve the police department’s budget and abilities without decreasing performance on the road.

Despite initial doubt, the Camry Hybrid cruisers have provided Arkadelphia’s police department with many benefits. Alongside reducing their environmental impact, they have also saved money by reducing the amount of gasoline consumed on duty. Hybrids are perfect because they get their best gas mileage at lower speeds, which is especially useful for police forces that inherently do a lot of slow cruising around city streets and neighborhoods.

Another benefit is that the Camry Hybrids can operate extremely quietly when running on electric power alone. This lets police sneak up on suspects more easily than ever before. Click here to learn more and watch a short documentary about how Camry Hybrids are improving the police force in Arkadelphia!

We at Wesley Chapel Toyota are thrilled to see Toyota models being used to benefit communities around the country. Our team is always ready to help out our neighbors in any way we can, so stop by or contact us and we can help you find the ideal safe new Toyota for your budget!

Image: Toyota